As I’m walking around the corner to my job I start taking my durag off and this white dude on a bike rides by and yells “Durag History Week I See You!” and kept going. Not realizing what happened I pointed and was like “Ayyye you already know!” Then it hit me and I stood there puzzled for a second trying to figure out how he knew. I still don’t know how to feel about that.

  • white person after doing some psychedelics: wow everything is so intertwined. we are ALL nature. I can see it now. everything is just so connected, beautifully and intricately tied to everything else.
  • same white person after doing something racist: lol whts a racist power structure?? ho w does that even connect idgi racism is only, specifically, exclusively a judgement based on skin colour sooo???
quietlyexhale asked:
"Institutional racism is a pattern of social institutions — such as governmental organizations, schools, banks, and courts of law — giving negative treatment to a group of people based on their race. Institutional racism leads to inequality. An example is the barring of African-American students from attending certain public schools." Tell me, how exactly have PoC done this to white people? Racism was established by white people to maintain white supremacy. Hurt feelings are not racism.





"Hurt feelings are not racism." By your logic wherein only institutionalized racism is racism things like:

  • Saying all black people are stupid or that they are all ugly is not racism
  • Calling black people the N word is not racism
  • Saying Asians do not know how to drive is not racism
  • Claiming all Muslims are terrorists is not racism
  • Not wanting your son/daughter to have a relationship with someone of a different race is not racism
  • Hating someone solely because of their race is not racism

If you agree with those statements then your point is valid if not then you have to admit that institutionalized racism is not the only kind of racism.

Also white Europeans may have coined the term racism but that does not mean that there was no racial prejudice before that.

Wow it took you a whole day to come up with this bullshit? You’d better read all of this slowly, and out loud so you don’t miss anything important. 

Everything you just described there is prejudice. Racism is having the power of the institution to use those prejudices to directly affect one group’s life.

Let’s take your example of interracial marriages. A lot of people today still think that it’s wrong, but they don’t have the power to do anything about it. Up until 1967, the institution used those prejudices to outlaw interracial marriage. That’s prejudice + power. 

Saying all Muslims are terrorists is being prejudice. Legally being able to stop and frisk every perceived Muslim in the airport is prejudice + power.

Calling someone a nigger is prejudice. Legally being able to enslave, beat, and murder someone because they’re a “just a nigger” is prejudice + power. A cop being able to kill a black person who was surrendering, and be given a paid vacation is him using prejudice + power to protect himself. This would not be possible without the protection of racist institutions.

Hating someone because of their race is prejudice. Being able to legally deny themfrom going to the same schools is prejudice + power.

See the running theme? Racism is not possible unless its codified by the institution. People of color have never had the ability to affect white people that way, we don’t have the power. I asked you a pretty simple question that you failed to answer because there is absolutely no oppression thrust upon white people. Racism is a system oppression. If you can’t even admit that, you need to seek psychiatric help. 

Using prejudice and racism interchangeably may just be semantics to you, but they’re absolutely not the same thing. Europeans did not just “coin the term.” They used white supremacy as institution to legally inflict violence upon anyone who wasn’t white. There were racial prejudices before the 1500s, but no racism. There were no laws in place to favor one group over another, like you see time and time again today.

With all of this information, I’m gonna give you another chance to describe exactly how prejudices against white people have affected them as a group. Has it gotten them killed? Denied jobs? Denied loans? Denied access to any facet of our society? Prove your point, if you have one.

The saddest thing about this your bio says your blog is about “tolerance and understanding” but I’ve seen absolutely none of that. If you cared about equality, like you so heroically claim to, you would actually listen to people who are directly affected by white supremacist institutions instead of “speaking for the white devil.”

I actually have a life out side of Tumblr so yeah it took a while to respond. As far as White people being killed because of their race:

Start with those. Channon Christian lived a few blocks away from my brother. I have been hit, cursed at, had bottles thrown at me, and told “get out of here you cracker bitch” when visiting my brother because where he lives the population is largely black. Then two years ago I was leaving his apartment after his birthday and one of his black neighbors grabbed me pulled me into his apartment and raped me because he “had never had any white pussy before.”  Explain to me how that is not racist.

You’re almost making this too easy, it must be embarrassing. I asked you how prejudices have affected white people as a group and you’re talking about individual crimes. Violence against white people is actually a response to the societal alienation and marginalization of people of color due to the institution of white supremacy. When you’re cut off from resources, I’d like to see how well behaved you are towards people in positions of power. 

Nobody is saying that crime isn’t heinous, but people who perpetrate those crimes get treated wildly different in the eyes of the law if they’re not white. Do you genuinely believe that black people would’ve supported your rapist and helped get him out of jail because he “stuck it to whitey?” Do you think the laws would’ve gone easier on him because he was black? Do you think there would be a hashtag and a GoFundMe account to raise support for him?

Take a look at the Oklahoma cop who stalked and raped 8 black women. He’s currently roaming the streets, on bail because white people came to his support and the courts are giving him leniency. The institution is protecting him because he’s white. If a black cop had raped 8 white women, there would be 24-hour national coverage and he would be executed. White people, as a group, are protected by white supremacist laws and institutions that grant them the benefit of the doubt that nobody else has. This is why racism doesn’t “go both ways.” This discussion is over.